The hinges of hell.

I had to run a couple of errands and the second I walked into the garage I was blasted by the wave of hot, moist air that is currently smothering us in the Midwest. There is no doubt that summer is here and it’s early to feel this staggering.

We haven’t had any rain in over a week and everything is dying like it seems to do at least a few times throughout the season. Save for the buckhorn which will be 10 foot tall by the time there is enough grass to mow again. Apparently I have enough free time to watch the non-grass grow from the comfort of an air-conditioned space, completely free of the millions of biting flies just outside hoping to sip my blood after they stab me.

Earth seems to be actively revolting because of our continued abuses, pulling out all of the stops to make it uncomfortable. At some point I know this will shift to outright violence on her part, and she’ll make the place uninhabitable because we refused to take the many hints she’s thrown our way. We will deserve it.

Yesterday I managed to knock out the writing assignment I had with relative ease, and it felt good to get back to it. I should start scoping out additional opportunities to keep the sword sharp, so to speak.

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