A bear of an undertaking.

The version of me from a week ago that stumbled upon the sports cards was so naive… After beginning to catalog and prepare a spreadsheet of all of these cards, I realize the truly massive scale of the task.

There are more than 10,000 cards here, with more than half being worth essentially nothing. The ones that do have value only possess the value if they are graded, which costs anywhere between fifteen to hundreds of dollars depending on the card.

The nostalgia I was feeling last week is gone and now I’m just left with the burdensome parts. I have help but I don’t want to spend months on this if I can help it. I know that if I took the time to do this card by card it could take years and I don’t want it to take anywhere near that long. I started this to clean up some space and until they are sold the space is still occupied, just moving to different spots around the house.

Seeing the ridiculous number of people out there who have done the exact same thing and are now trying to sell their collections for pennies on the dollar makes me want to find out the total possible value and list them all as one thing. Winner take all, and I know I’ll get taken advantage of but they cost me nothing except all of the time I’m gonna spend to make the spreadsheets.

I guess it’s something to do with my time, but this isn’t what I had in mind.

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