Kill your darlings.

Today I decided to purge some of the projects that I intended to complete but never got around to. That old saying about being willing to kill your darlings applied all the way through on one of these projects, but after spending zero time on it in months, I committed it to the beyond with fire. I started it over two years ago when my father passed away but I am now a completely different person than I was then, and it no longer spoke to me.

I incorrectly assumed that torching this project would cause me some kind of psychological torment but nothing of the sort happened. That is how I know it was time to let it go, the act of burning it felt like nothing at all. Just more garbage that I didn’t need to be in my way and now it is gone.

As it burned, any and all potential feelings I may have had, good or bad, vanished into the thick, hot air around it. I played some tunes that dad would have enjoyed in his honor and as the ashes piled up, I came to the realization that this was the intended completion of this project anyway. From the start of this, I had every intention of burning the project as an effigy. I was waiting for some grand sign from the universe that it was time and when no sign came, I took that as the sign.

I have mourned completely, and left a part of myself in the flammable eulogy I set ablaze today. Some words are never meant for the light of day and those that wrapped this project have been returned from the source that I pulled them from. I hope that someone else stumbles upon them through a chance encounter and finds them meaningful in their time of need.

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