Yesterday, Donald J. Trump, former president of the United States, was convicted of 34 different charges. It was the first time a former president has ever been convicted of any crimes, and it doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of his criminality.

Despite my best efforts to avoid the news, there was no way I was getting through that day without finding out about this unprecedented story. I am still forming my opinion on how I feel about this, but so far it is a positive. Equal justice for all is not just a trite saying any more. If justice applies to the president of the United States, then it truly applies to every person. I still do not believe that it is in any way equal, and we will soon see if the punishment is similar to that any other convict might receive. My gut tells me that he will spend zero time behind bars and he will throw an unreasonable sum of money at appeals and trying to make it all go away before the election is here.

If he wins the election, he will exercise his power over the judiciary to have his record wiped clean. Then he will continue to mold policy so that the executive branch has unilateral control of the government. This is all an attempt to stay in power until the day he dies, and so that he can ensure a political dynasty will follow in his name.

If he loses the election, he will call on his most rabid followers to attack again, and this time I don’t think there will be any question as to his motives.

Nevertheless, this was an important day for the very concept of justice as we know it in this country.

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