May has been quick.

The ever-improving weather outside has been drawing me out to enjoy the sunshine and warmth and it has cost me time I might spend creating. Naturally, this occurs when I need to work on an assignment and I just keep looking outside and remembering that winter is never far away relatively speaking.

But being outside just for the hell of it pays nothing and I am thrown back into the reality of the kind of work I do for money. Sure I can do this anywhere, but it has to be anywhere with an adequate internet connection and isn’t the same temperature and humidity as it is outside in the sun.

The month of May has absolutely flown by and it makes me want to hit the brakes on the world so I can actually enjoy some of this. But time continues the ceaseless march that it is famous for, and I am left to look back and wonder how much of it I have wasted. Thankfully, I get to decide what waste looks like.

Back to the drawing board, where I attempt to paint with words.

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