No news is good news.

I’ve borrowed the title of this post from the old adage when it comes to medical diagnosis of all sorts, but it has more to do with the actual news.

It’s been months since I went cold turkey on the news cycle and it has been an incredible change to live life without this constant distraction. The only headlines I catch are in passing and the things that happen to catch my eye from the screens I am near. I think it’s physically impossible in this day in age to avoid all technology, but I have done well to make my position known so that I can also avoid conversations that veer off in the direction of the news. Thankfully, I am most commonly around other people who are not interested in the news, and I don’t have to stop all conversations dead in their tracks.

There has been no negative effects from this, and that honestly surprises me a little. I assumed I’d fall back into the vortex and doom scroll but it hasn’t happened and it has only improved my life.

I am sure that the world continues to spin outside the home I reside in, as evidenced by the sunrise and sunset every day. I’m also sure that I could care less what headlines are being force fed to the masses because so very little of it truly matters. No more worrying about the sad state of affairs, only more presence and overall happiness.

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