Breathe easier.

The air all around has become easier to breathe and move through without reservation. On this side of the crashing of mental health and aging, we find ourselves rare opportunities to take stock.

Life seems truly limitless and boundless again, though the day to day still exists and intervenes. I find that the ability to ponder has returned, and I appreciate the relaxation as everything slows back to the pace I’m accustomed to.

The old ache of needing to create has returned as well, but it is a sign of a positive mental space. Typically when I feel this ache, a period of revelation follows, where the forces of the universe conspire to speaking through me. Once again I find myself looking upon a flashing cursor, the perfectly timed pulse reminding me I’m still alive and capable of doing more.

I stare out to the world through my windows, bathed in the almost overwhelming diffuse sunlight but otherwise serene. If there is divinity in anything it is in the sacred calm I experience as I gaze over this place I call home. I am at peace and I don’t know what to do with it.

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