To protect myself.

I have spent entirely too much time doom-scrolling through the news lately, getting stuck hard on the political section in particular. I think that for my own peace of mind and to protect myself, I need to disconnect from this behavior as much as humanly possible.

Nothing gets solved by my worrying about how this year will pan out just because it’s an election year. I am off down rabbit holes just the second I begin to think about how much of a disaster it will be, and that doesn’t help a thing. I will be useless to the people that need me to be myself, and I don’t want to let the paid actors in Washington control any part of my existence like that.

I will continue to serve those closest to me in meaningful ways every day, and that will have to serve as my contribution to society as a whole. I do not wish to insert myself into the field of political discourse that is simply riddled with landmines. There is no right way to think and to expressing yourself now can be tantamount to a suicide of sorts.

I am so exhausted with the state of affairs in the country that I have to just do what I can here to keep everything headed the right direction and that direction is toward increased comfort and ease of living. 2024 can’t be another year I lose to doom because I am certain it is headed that way out “there”. That’s frankly none of my business and I intend to extend the distance between me and that outside world.

I hate that it has to be that way but I have nothing to give to conversations that die before they start.

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