Highs in the single digits.

Winter broadsided us this weekend and I have no intention of leaving the house for anything. It is currently -7, and just looking outside sends chills through your body. If there is a saving grace it is the fact that it is a bright, sunny day, and that little bit of solar power helps a person get through.

I have things that I can do around the house and a fresh writing assignment to work on, and of course, continue chipping away at the book.

Every day writing on that is a new record for any one project, and it is almost effortless. At some point I’ll be satisfied it is complete and I can begin the task of arranging and editing it for anyone else’s consumption.

That is possibly months away and I am in no hurry to get it done, just going to make it completely organic and see what comes of it. 500 words a day piles up in a hurry.

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