We had COVID.

The sickness I was describing in my last post turned out to be COVID-19 after all, as revealed by two positive tests on Friday. We both had a decent list of symptoms and had to abandon some plans we had over the weekend for the safety of the company involved.

It was sad to have to cancel the plans because we were going to get to see some friends from out of state, but one of them is pregnant and the risk simply is not worth it. We will have other opportunities when we are all healthier and not currently infectious with anything.

This also meant that New Years Eve was an uneventful affair but it was going to be either way. I was never really one for celebrating it, and so long as I’m able to spend the time with the one I love, that’s good enough for me. We managed to stay up until about 12:01 on January 1 and then turned in. I saw the recap from people who went out and partied and did all of the usual things and it looked as pointless as it always does to me.

As always, that date is meaningless. But we have given it so much meaning as with all of time. It is a construct that we adhere to and it’s completely made up and honored as though it were some immutable law of the universe.

I am not immune to this worship because I see my time as valuable when in truth, it’s worth nothing, same as everyone else’s. But it does feel like the only thing I have of any value.

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