Expanded vocabulary.

I had a real doozy of a dream last night and it made me want to learn more about colors so I will have a better vocabulary to describe the unbelievable scenery that my mind built. I have always found it to be a somewhat difficult task to convey colorful scenes because I have a shortage of words.

I have gone out of my way to try and describe it with my humble vocabulary but I feel I need to take this a step further and visually recreate it. No clue what form this will take so I have jotted down the description based on what I can recall in the boring gray light of a cold November day. It is my hope that I can faithfully recreate this image at even a fraction of the vibrancy it had when I imagined it in my sleep.

That realm never really interested me very much until I woke up from this particular dream. Now I’m compelled to act.

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