32 days in.

It has been 32 days since I committed to writing 500 words a day on my next book and I am fast approaching 20,000 words. I have been in uncharted territory for most of the time now, and it’s a good feeling to look at the ever growing number of words that make up the total.

There have been very few days that were a chore, and when it did happen, it was because I had so much else going on in the day that I was concerned I wouldn’t have the energy to commit to this modest goal. But then I’d commit and sit down and write and the words would come out almost instantly. I keep remembering little details about the trip that I may not have recalled were it not for the writing. I continue to be grateful that I have the opportunity to use the time in this way and that I was able to enjoy such a journey to be able to tell the story.

The world feels chaotic these days and recounting the story helps me to remember a time not long ago when the world didn’t feel so uncertain. Visiting these places in my memory makes me believe similar times will come in the future.

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