18 days in.

It has been 18 days into writing 500 words a day and I believe I’ve officially written more on any one piece than I ever have at this point. I’m over 11,000 words which is almost double the size of my self-published short story.

There haven’t been any issues with this pace at all and I continue to be energized by the experience of recalling the details and describing them to the best of my ability. Revisiting the journey in my head takes me back to all of the stops along the way and makes me feel as though I’m out on the road.

As with the real life road trip, there are many detours along the way in my recollections, and I am just including them with an appropriate note to let a reader know they are veering off course. It is the best way I can come up with to make productive use of my tangential way of thinking. It also jars loose some of the feelings I was having at the time and lets me further examine them in the sober light of years.

This is a really fun story to work on, so I hope the fun comes across in the work itself. It won’t be up to me, I just have to write the thing, and that feels like it’s gonna be a treat the whole time.

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