11 days in.

I’m 11 days into my new approach for writing and I can say without a doubt that I should have been tackling projects like this all along. In the space of that time I have added 5,663 words to my book and looking at that number is encouraging as hell.

The number of words I started on had sat still for several months because I kept thinking of the book as this monstrous thing that I needed to get done in one grand sitting. But that was insane. I’ve never experienced an inspiration that would have lasted nearly the amount of time it would have taken to get this story out of me. That goes to show the point about inspiration from another angle. When you are in the grip of it, you DO believe that it can last forever, because every word feels like a discovery and it invigorates you.

As with things in the sober light of day, outside of the intoxicating effects of inspiration, the experience settles down and cools off, and it’s at this point you can lose the thread entirely.

I’ve only committed to 500 words a day and that is a thread I can consistently keep track of. Every day makes it better.

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