If it were today.

If today were the day I died, would it feel auspicious, inconspicuous, or like just another Monday? I suspect that for the overwhelming majority, it would go completely unnoticed, and I feel the greatest sense of loss about this fact.

Not for anything I may miss, but that I may have had such little impact on the world that my passing is uneventful. Save for the tragedy it may register as to my friends and family, it will be, by and large, just another Monday. Just another number in the ranks too large to ever feel real, preceded by all of those before me of a similar fashion.

I know that I am capable of avoiding such a fate, as sure as I know that it won’t matter in the slightest because I’ll be dead. I suppose I want what anyone wants, to be remembered fondly by anyone who should happen upon a memory of me. To know that I did everything I could in my time to ensure this was a better place than it was before.

So how can I make it a better place today?

Fearlessly, recklessly hoping seems like a fine start.

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