Never stop searching.

There are words that will only become available to you given a certain set of circumstances. I find myself pondering this now as I recall the times I have been swept up by inspiration and things poured forth from me effortlessly but with very little control.

The only way to find out where the words you’re looking for are is to experience as much as possible while you are here. See all the shores, turn over all the rocks, and scale as many mountains as your body will permit. Take the best notes you can mentally, or if possible, with a writing utensil or an app. The words may not come to you in the thick of whatever the experience is, and there are many times this is the case.

The experience itself will feel extraordinary because it will alert all of your senses to something profound, but you may struggle to find the words necessary at the time because of this dumbfounding. Once you have moved back into a more usual headspace, you may find the words come crashing in to be noticed. It is at this time that you must stop anything and everything that you are doing and heed the call.

Don’t edit yourself in the process, just let it out completely free form until it feels as though it has naturally concluded. Don’t stop until you feel this in your bones, as though you have given everything you possibly can, because only then are you actually done.

Spend more of your time joyfully searching for these moments but be prepared that you may never experience them. You’ll find that happiness exists to some degree in all moments, and too much searching will lead to the inability to see the ones in the commonplace.

Mastery over this skill gives you a quasi sixth sense, and a superpower among mere mortals.

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