The trivial.

It’s not uncommon for me to hurry other people along with details and tasks that I deem trivial or that seem unnecessary to waste time and effort on. This must make me seem like a real piece of shit sometimes, but I just place a very high value on my time and when anyone tries to take it away from me, I try to limit how much they can take.

It also means I feel inconvenienced when it happens and that part I could do without. That impulse is in my control for the most part and I choose to feel that way. It’s something I am spending some time examining to try and get the better of. If the time is spent in service of people that matter to me, it’s quality time, and I need to check myself.

I find myself stopping from time to time and saying to myself “You’re being an asshole for no reason.” If I’m noticing it, then whoever I am helping definitely notices. I just need to improve my speed at recognizing it when it occurs.

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