A great book.

I decided to indulge and picked up the Audible version of Rick Rubin’s book The Creative Act and I have to say I am floored by it.

I already had an idea that this legend of the music business was on another level than the rest of us but having a window into it is incredible. The insight he has amassed over the decades is astonishing to have delivered by the man himself.

The amount of understanding this man has of the creative mind and how to best harness this power makes me believe anything is possible. If I sound like I’m gushing it is because I am. It feels like the man has sat in on exactly what I have experienced first hand and took notes to relay to me.

It is always nice to get an affirmative nod from the universe that what you are doing is right and this book feels like almost 6 hours of continuous nodding.

There is a pseudo-Buddhist spiritualism attached to his thinking that catches me off-guard sometimes, but he has gone out of his way to say that it isn’t any one system or way of thinking. That just happens to be a lens he has found useful.

Any time the word spirituality comes up I can feel my skepticism ramp up thanks to my distrust of organized religion. It is a slippery slope for people to use quasi-religious terms to convince otherwise well-intentioned people to be terrible. To be clear, that isn’t what is happening in this book.

Rick has distilled his wisdom from endless observation and provided it in a highly digestible format, the type that doesn’t push. The information is laid out in plain sight and allows the consumer to do with it what they will.

I intend to continue as I have been doing with the addition of this wisdom. It never hurts to be more aware.

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