Hard to be surprised.

After months of arguably pointless deliberations, the supreme court struck down student loan forgiveness with the least surprising vote, 6-3. It is a decision that felt preordained from the moment forgiveness was announced by the current administration. The rational among us saw the plan as a political gambit with just about zero chance of holding up to the rigors of scrutiny.

Today was just the punctuation to close out an exhausting run-on sentence.

There will be protests in Washington for the rest of the weekend but the voices will fall on deaf ears. America’s most ridiculous celebration of self-aggrandizing is next week and all of the puppets will take the week off to celebrate how great of a job they’ve done to us.

I have exactly zero stake in this, but people very near and dear to me have once again been promised something by one part of their government only for another part of the same government to say “Not really, though.”. It’s the perpetual joke that we are always the subject of.

I remain outside the whole thing and I’m better off for it, but it does affect me through others. That will never sit right with me.

The promise we were sold as young men and women was that the path forward was clear. Education is the path to a good life, so you can rest assured that debt incurred in the name of education is the good kind. Just one problem though…


I hope the education was worth the 30 or 40 years of your lives that you’ll have to devote to working so the government doesn’t take everything you own to pay the tab. These debts follow you to the grave and if you have anything when you die, they’ll get out the shovel.

We will be the first generation that gets punished for doing all of the right things at the wrong time, but we won’t be the last. Unless we refuse to accept this kind of thing lying down, check out of the system, and make a new one. The old ways are dead or dying, and I’m happy to help keep them in the ground for good.

Anarchy 2024.

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