Literal haze.

There are fires that are so numerous and large burning in Canada that we are getting bombarded by the cloud of debris, haze, and smoke all the way down in the Midwest. It makes it difficult to go outside and accomplish anything, since the air is tough to breathe.

In fact, it’s so dense that you can sit and watch it crawl through like the heavy cloud that it is. This has caused me to retreat inside to do some of my work today, but I know I’ll be looking outside wishing I could be working on the motorhome.

The fact of the matter is, though, the work I get done inside in the first world comforts of a modern home, will be the work that actually pays me. Working on Dolly is satisfying but only ends up costing money, not making any. I have to be mindful of this, especially as we approach a time when we may be able to make use of the thing. Getting up and down the road takes money, so I’ll have to earn some of it.

There is still some weird aversion I feel to the very concept of money, and I will need to continue trying to reframe that or I will never find the balance of work/life I am after. If only I could just abandon my principles for the sake of the chase, I’d be a wealthy, hollow, man.

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