10 pounds.

I was placed on a lifting restriction of 10 pounds after surgery and it made me realize how many things I do that are relatively easy for me normally that I take for granted. This also made me realize how much my favorite humans rely on me to be strong enough to do things I consider ordinary and fairly simple.

That being said, I have taken to just saying that things weigh 10 pounds even if they are 5 times that and I’m lifting them with one arm. So far, I haven’t made any really expensive mistakes, and I do find myself stopping short of what I would have done prior to this surgery. I know I’ll get back to what was normal before May 1st so I’m not worried, in fact I’m quite optimistic about the direction of my health in general.

Tomorrow is my follow-up appointment with the surgeon for him to poke me and ask how things are going. We’ll probably discuss what I need to do to improve my overall health some more and the possibility of a surgery to correct any of the old hernias that haven’t affected me much yet.

Getting older every day, I guess that’s how it goes.

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