Smoke ’em if you got ’em.

It’s April 20 and we all know what that means…

Alright to some of us it is just another Thursday. Of all the roads I have gone down, for some reason, that’s never been one of them. I think I just know myself well enough to know that it isn’t my style. It’s been a near constant presence in my life since I can remember, but it’s way less taboo than it used to be. Because the prohibition never should have existed in the first place.

One sect of Republicans got a hard-on for this never-ending, losing battle against drugs and the rest is history. Mistakes were made on both sides, but the same party that ended slavery sure didn’t have a problem imprisoning a disproportionately darker shade of humanity when it comes to petty drug offenses. It’s hard for anyone to say the drug affects everyone equally with a straight face because it’s obviously bullshit. Not for nothing, but it isn’t a drug, it’s a plant that happens to be psychoactive.

Dad would have made at least a couple jokes about the national holiday today and was an enthusiastic participant every year, what with his being a daily consumer and all. It was always a part of his routine and it was more benefit than harm, though I confess my evidence is purely subjective. It relaxed him but it wasn’t strong enough to take away the stress enough to keep him alive. I’m not sure anything could have done that.

My brother would have spent the entire day bright-tailed and bushy-eyed, but this was every day for him. He’d have just been more loud about it on this date.

Meanwhile, many of us that are still here wonder why such a ridiculous, archaic law still exists on a national scale. Somehow alcohol remains legal, abundant, and perhaps unsurprisingly, profitable, and it is verifiable poison.

Leave it to us to know what will kill us best and make it a god.

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