Hints of spring.

I spent several hours outside yesterday afternoon in the sunshine working on getting rid of some trash around the property. It felt great to be able to be outside in just a t-shirt and not have the wind cut through me. This just serves as a reminder that spring actually has started, although it goes back and forth between seasons this time of year.

There are still chances of snow flurries a couple times this week but the overall trend is in the right direction. Being able to go outside and enjoy myself yesterday has me hopeful that there will be many more of these days to come.

We have been locked away inside for what feels like months because it has literally been that long. Winter has a way of battering us all into submission.

Now that things are heading toward warmth for good for the year, I’ve shortlisted a couple of improvement projects around the shop. Most of it takes money so I’ll be putting in some work to fund these projects but they will make the building better in the long haul and I’ve got the time to do them myself. Never hurts to learn some new skills, anyway.

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