I want it all to fail.

The recent bank closures that have shocked the markets and given everyone harrowing reminders of the 2008(ish) global crash have me hoping for a full crash. I want the institutions to feel what we feel when failures occur, but I’m afraid it won’t happen.

There is already a discussion of shoring up the entire banking industry and I know damn well that the people will be the ones who end up paying for it. Even those of us who have opted to take no part in this game will have to deal with it in some fashion.

But if it just failed, the ones who should be held to account would finally feel the pressure that just exists on the wrong side of failure. I have zero faith that it will happen, and less than zero faith in the underlying institutions making decisions at the national level.

I’m out and have been for a while, but I’ll keep a steady supply of popcorn to watch the show.

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