A strange limbo.

Within a week, we’ll be moved back to the country and I find myself in a strange limbo. It is a holding pattern between this small chapter of life and everything that comes after.

There is a great anticipation hanging over every thought and feeling, and it makes me hopeful as I look forward. But there is still a lot to be done here, and that pulls me backward into all of the realities about selling a home. You have to make it as marketable as possible and try to put as little money into that as you can.

There isn’t much at stake for me but the prompt sale of the home takes a gigantic burden off the table for the person I love and that means I feel the pressure to present the best home possible. It is in a good neighborhood and the market is still pretty active so I don’t think we’ll have any problems, but until it is done, the pressure remains.

Gigantic silver lining, though. This time one week from now, we’ll be back in the country away from all of this and concentrating on all of the best things in life.

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