Easy to forget.

Being in this city makes it easy to forget the feelings being in the country provides.

We went down with a truck full of items to move and upon arrival, I could feel a sense of peace and possibility rush over me. After 40 years of running laps around the sun, I am finally beginning to understand what home feels like. It is just an all-encompassing sense of equanimity.

Although I have called South Bend home for a year and a half, I’ve never really meant it. This is just where I currently live. There are no feelings of home here, it’s an obstacle to be dealt with.

Now that we have begun moving things, I know the feelings that only home can provide will be more frequent. At least twice a week, I’ll get another little taste of that good life that we’re after.

Before we know it, we’ll be out of here. I find this notion exciting. It gets me through the cloudiest, coldest days.

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