Back to the country.

We’ve made it to February which means it’s only a couple of months before we get the hell out of this city and get back to the country. I am ready to leave this place and get back to where everything is quiet.

There are entirely too many people in this place, and having to be around them even in passing frays my nerves. Every trip out involves driving with these lunatics in traffic, who seem to be completely oblivious to the fact that every time they get behind the wheel the stakes can literally be life and death. Turn signals are a hilarious afterthought, they all follow way too close, and you’d think they were all in a race that has no finish line.

I may have officially become a persnickety old man, but all of you need to slow the fuck down. Nothing any of us is doing out here is important enough to be on someone’s ass when they are already doing 10 over the limit through a residential neighborhood.

Give me the peace and quiet of the woods, an unpolluted night sky full of stars, and sparsely populated miles of nothing.

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