Now the wait.

Submitted my first assignment to a new client this morning and now I just need to wait for their feedback. It can be hard to know when to inquire about payment if the client never brings up the subject. I don’t like to discuss it at all until I have submitted my work and that’s where I’m at now.

There is always an air of doubt to every new client. You submit your work and you basically hope that they pay you after you’ve requested. You have the right to refuse to do any other work until they do pay you, which is a handy feature of any form of freelancing. Right to refuse is a powerful tool for the freelancer and client alike.

So much misunderstanding can be fixed by communication, though. I always seek to avoid misunderstandings in the first place by maintaining constant communication with my clients.

Now I need to search for more to do. The successes I’ve gathered feel good and that’s a feeling worth adding to.

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