A second potential client.

After applying to several different job listings, I had a second client reach out to me for a test. I submitted the test and the client approved and assigned me with work straight away.

This could provide nearly full-time writing opportunities with just one client, and definitely does with both of them I now work with. It’s more uncharted territory for me to explore and it’s also a new area of content that I’m not entirely familiar with. While it is cool to learn about new things, it is also easy to get bogged down researching a topic and have a tough time distilling the research into any kind of cohesive writing.

Another new wrinkle in the process has presented and that is a huge time zone difference between me and the client. That makes communication take longer than it should and I am in a holding pattern waiting for information on how best to proceed. I want to provide the best possible product so I have to wait for the info, but I want to be writing.

Time will tell if this client works out as expected and I’ll know within a few days if this is a good working relationship. Fingers crossed because it seems like a decent opportunity.

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