What opportunity doesn’t look like.

While perusing writing gigs on offer at a popular site, I happened upon a gig that seemed interesting upon first glance.

It was in a category I’m familiar with and happy to write about and I felt like it was a good potential opportunity until I got to the third page of the application. In the summary, they listed the position as full time and the requested word count would have qualified. What they failed to mention is that they would be offering $500.00 a MONTH to do it. The listed rate for what equates to a full-time position was something approaching $3.00 an hour.

I know creative work of all kinds is undervalued. I understand that completely… But that rate is insulting to anyone’s intelligence. They are asking for a full-time commitment for just above indentured servitude.

I’m good. You can have the few minutes I donated to fill out the application but that’ll be it for me.

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