That’ll be it for me.

Dear universe:

On this, the 20th of November, 2022, I have decided that this will be the last winter I spend fighting the very environment just to exist. I just used the snowblower on what appears to be 5-6″ of snow that has fallen overnight. I understand that people over in New York got that many feet but to them I would say the same thing I am saying to myself now.

If you stay, you’re out of your fucking mind.

I hate this place. I hate winter. My bones are aching and for what? Because some shit is cheaper here? Because this is where I grew up? What does any of that matter in the long run? Spoiler alert, it doesn’t.

I don’t care if I have a stout cardboard box somewhere warmer next year, I will not do this again. Everything in me says leave and I’m done ignoring it.

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