This could be you.

Before the debt is accounted for anyway.

Have a look at the haul above. This is the entirety of my brother’s estate before the debts are accounted for. After the debts are discharged because there is nowhere to get them paid, this pile of change is all that’s left.

I’m not saying that I will leave much of anything for the world to deal with in my wake. If it were a pile of change and no debt, cool, but I’ll be dead either way.

My point is a simple one: I will leave written instructions on what should be done. There will be very little to speak of possession-wise and I have advised that whoever handles it use their discretion. My things will not be a burden to anyone. If it doesn’t immediately make sense to keep, get rid of it.

No one should die and leave this kind of chaos in their wake and I certainly won’t.

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