What the world values.

Just passed an article on my phone news feed and it was about an influencer of some sort giving away an RV. It will almost certainly garner the person good will and all of the appropriate back-patting and atta-girls. Also, she’ll get paid for it. Potentially more than the RV was worth, just for doing it.

It will be a successful stunt because people like to believe in, and reward, outlandish versions of altruism like this. It’s a quid pro quo situation, though. She is being generous, sure. But like so many acts of generosity, it will be rewarding. This is an unavoidable fact in this age of instant communication to millions of followers. If even one of her followers makes a purchase decision based on the brand/type of RV that was given away, she made a company 10s of thousands of dollars. If someone was already going to make this purchase anyway, and just needed a nudge, this could have done the trick.

She’ll get paid for giving something away, but that is how commerce works.

I hope to give my time and believe that it is the only thing of value I have to give. That is easy to say and near impossible to accomplish. Time is rather large boulder but I’ve got it in abundance and I don’t mind climbing hills.

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