Any case.

Meeting with a lawyer about medical malpractice/wrongful death was a reminder of how the world actually works. When you walk in the room, you have to do your best to leave every feeling you have for the person who was hurt or lost at the door. Your representation wants the objective information about the situation so they can assess whether or not you have a case.

It isn’t entirely certain that there is a case with the most damning evidence. When there is limited evidence, the damning can work the other way. I believe we find ourselves somewhere in the middle. There is evidence of miscommunication but what isn’t evident is how far it went and to what extent my dad was responsible for communicating his issues.

We all rely on medical professionals to read our minds at times of crisis but the fact is they don’t have to and can’t be held liable if they couldn’t. It is up to the individual to decide whether or not the lack of mind reading was worth pursuing legal action. For us, it is.

But now we are in a holding pattern while the lawyer does more discovery to try and assemble a case. Two months of waiting just to find out if there is any kind of case to pursue. This is a real life timeline. It’s been almost 7 months since dad passed away and it will be almost 9 by the time we see the lawyer again. The case could take years. Every time we meet to discuss particulars, we get to relive the whole experience.

Trials don’t just happen in court rooms, they happen to us all every day we have to do any of this kind of reliving. I still believe it is worth the effort to hold the hospital and professionals responsible for their action or lack there of.

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