Possessed by an idea.

This happens to me often:

I wake up with no idea of what my day will consist of. Suddenly a whim presents itself that I have to focus on. Everything else becomes completely out of focus and that idea burns bright, completely consuming me. Yesterday that idea was to carve wood so I made an attempt with zero previous knowledge.

As is often the case, my first attempt was unskilled and clumsy. What I’m searching for is not skill in the effort. I am searching for the feeling that what I am doing is natural, even in the struggle.

Today, the idea that possessed me was inspired by something I wrote earlier. I want to express the concept visually. I want to draw it but I don’t want to do it with physical medium of any sort. I want to do it digitally. So I start down the rabbit hole of how to draw on the computer/tablet/whatever you got. The feeling I’m after is here, in this idea, so I am going to spend my day trying, even if it involves failing.

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