Am I part of the problem?

In my search for writing gigs, a problem of conscience comes up.

If I start writing content aimed at directing traffic and adding eyeballs to sales material, am I a part of the problem? Does my contribution to this meaningless traffic undercut any inherent value my writing has in the future? Or do I just accept this is a rite of passage to do what I want to do? Is there any way of knowing the real cost to my integrity after I’ve released the posts to the world?

It’s entirely possible I’m overthinking this to sabotage myself. Something about the work I’m applying for feels cheap, but the work I’d go do in real life is somehow even cheaper. Getting a regular, 9-5 grind job would provide nothing of value to the world AND it would make me hate my life. Writing content, even meaningless content, lets me do what I love and get paid for it. It feels as though the art is in being able to separate the feelings the cheapness causes, and transmuting those feelings into something beautiful.

This space will remain dedicated to transmutation. If my creative soul is on the line, I’ll go down swinging.

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