I am a writer.

It is a fact that has been with me for most of my adult life that I pushed under the rug of practicality:

I am a writer.

This is what I am meant to be doing. It is what I am best at and it is truly fulfilling every time. It has a fair share of challenges and now that I am seeking work actively I have run into all kinds of new fresh hell. But I feel invigorated during the challenges. I don’t want to just say “This isn’t worth the effort.” because it is.

I have entered a trance today after I declared this to myself. Now I have to display the courage to declare it to the world, and I have started to take steps to do so. Courage is all about first steps, and declaration is the first step. I am a writer and I accept the challenge of staying true to myself through the process.

I forfeit a conventional life and the comfort and stability it might provide. What matters most is to create, improve, and share my gift with the world.

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