Selling myself without losing my soul.

I want to write for a living. I want to obsess over words and their proper usage. This has no particular direction, I’m happy to write about almost anything. What I am not sure of is how to make money at this without also selling something of who I am.

Ads make me scowl and I feel like any amount of them in this space betrays the purpose of the space. As such, this site will always remain ad free. I am referring to the in-line types that are only successful with traffic and click-through, and are catered to whatever the person already wants. I’d feel complicit if my site sent them to spend money they might not have on something the didn’t need. That is an absolute non-starter so it’s out. (This is the simplest way to monetize but is also the one that makes me the sickest.)

Paid sponsorships are another option but you need a large audience and something you feel strongly enough to advertise for. Due to the lack of consumer motivations I have, I’m not a good candidate for this. I’ve had hobbies that this would have served, but my motivations would have been completely selfish. (Free shit to work on projects.)

Affiliate marketing is an option if you have a product or service that you believe in and would be willing to send your users through your affiliate link to pick whatever it is up. This is similar to traditional click-through ads to me, fundamentally. It feels more personal because you share the link through your name, so it’s associated with you. But that puts pressure on you for the performance of the affiliate’s product the same way ads do.

Is there any money to be had to teach people to just be themselves and pull zero punches? I’m not sure, but that’s the dream. Light fires under asses to get people to their best life. A foul-mouthed coach who refuses to let people settle for less than they are worth. That would be me. Maybe it’s as simple as that? (As impossible as that actually sounds.)

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