An erased debt.

In late summer 2021 I secured a loan for a pickup truck for use in the business. The loan was around 5 years and had an unreasonable interest rate. At the time, we were in need of such a truck to perform our operations effectively. When everything changed in December, I was of a mind to shore up all of my debts and this truck was immediately assigned to the chopping block.

I knew I had time to spare and continued to make the payments all the way through July but finally, mercifully, I found a buyer and the debt is officially cleared. This saved me 4 years of payments and full coverage insurance. Upon the completion of the sale at the bank, I felt an immediate burden lift from me. Not just the financial responsibility, but all of the time I just got back in my life.

This reduction also means I am one step closer to ending this chapter of my life. There are still some materials that I need to sell but I have more breathing room with this substantial debt cleared.

Freedom by 40 would be cool but I’m running low on time for that. Maybe I’ll aim for Freedom AT 40. Great time for a mid life crisis.

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