Relief, if brief.

Cleared out some more of the debris from a past life yesterday and with it, a sense of relief for the bargain. I still feel shackled to that old life, but minimally so. It makes me wonder what complete freedom from it will look like, as I’ve yet to feel it.

Every progress forward includes a little windfall of creative energy that I wish to harness but it goes in all directions instead of retaining any sort of focus. Perhaps this is just the nature of my form of creativity. Where it is boundless and limitless, it is, at times, truly chaotic and out of order. All directions look promising, so decision becomes a matter of impulse. “What feels right today?” is the question that crops up daily. I have the freedom to answer it differently every day and the success or failure of that answer only truly affects me. That is liberating to know, and none-the-less daunting.

Building anything from randomness can seem impossible when you’re just looking at a pile of creative material. Sure it’s creative, but it’s a pile.

I suppose that was the entire purpose of this space, though. Allow my stream of consciousness a place to roam free, unbound by the constraints of the practical. A useful exercise and effective outlet.

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