From relative safety.

The last post made was a lashing out that needed to be done. It was cathartic and it was easy because it comes from a position of relative safety. But it was a treatise for anyone and everyone who can’t speak from the safety I occupy.

Being a straight, white, man gives me incredible insulation. It also makes me feel the need to use this dumb luck to help others who didn’t draw a similar straw. It is hard to know where to even begin because I am often seen as enemy from the outset but the truth is, I’m much more of an enemy to the conservative folks of the world than the liberal ones. Where we stand in time forces us all to commit and I am very firmly planted left of center socially speaking.

That doesn’t make me a Democrat.

Since we are forced to betray ourselves about every opinion, I am fiscally conservative, believing that the government fucks up every chance to help people so it’s best left out of their hands. All the while I believe the social safety net is woefully underfunded and don’t honestly think I will ever see Social Security.

That doesn’t make me a Republican.

All of my beliefs combined place me as some form of left-leaning-Libertarian, which just doesn’t exist at all. At best, this makes my voice disruptive to the status quo. At worst, this makes me seem like an anarchist, which I am definitely not. If Anarchy were to actually occur in the U.S., we would be The Purge full time for a matter of years. That’s how far off balance we’ve been thrown.

But again, that’s the view from my pulpit of privilege, the one that I gladly give to anyone who needs the boost.

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