Days of zero ideas.

Today was a day of zero ideas, creatively speaking. Obviously the mere fact that I sat to type this means I had at least one idea. It does make me ponder the “here today, gone tomorrow” nature of creativity. There are days, sometimes in large succession, which ideas just pour out. No matter what medium, out they come. I find it best to just listen and act as quickly as possible to record them.

Then there are the days of zero ideas, like today. I find myself feeling the need to push myself toward something just in the hopes that I stumble upon inspiration and catch fire for days. But I’m not sure if that is an entirely honest way to create. There aren’t really rules on these things so what does it ultimately matter? The concern I have is that any ideas which come from this kind of coerced creativity will ring hollow or of tedium.

In my experience, the creative impulses which lead to days of activity happen completely organically. One good idea gets my mind reeling for several days and I just try to make sure I have as much open space and media to apply the idea to.

It is most common for these outpourings to be words. Writing is my favorite form of expression. But as a consumer of creativity, I find myself with a much larger palate. It is nevertheless inspiring to see how others have been inspired in their own preferred forms. This pushes me to better understand my chosen craft and reach more toward competence, doing my best to avoid perfectionism.

Perfectionism is a curse that I don’t wish to inflict upon myself.

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