Cabin fever on the wrong side of the calendar.

It is currently 90 degrees outside and not a lot lower in the house because utility costs are outrageous. A summer based cabin fever has set in over the past few days and it is making me antsy.

Just going on an errand of any sort is an exhausting ordeal. The air is thick, like swimming without the cool temperature. Yesterday it got to 100. And it’s not even technically summer yet, that’s 4 days away. Our seasons are changing and have in my lifetime. I feel like at this rate, in my lifetime, it will make this location unbearable. Everything else about this place tells me I don’t belong so that’ll just be one more thing.

I long for time behind then wheel. In the open plains, mountains, and deserts of the west. The road calls but reality is in stark contrast to this call. Pragmatism shoves idealism to the back, relegating it to the territory of dreams.

But I’m awake. Insofar as any of us can be awake. And I’m ready to roam.

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