A stark reminder.

It isn’t often that the state of things in the outside world warrants any sort of response but I feel compelled to say that things are getting truly unsustainable in real terms.

We are basically indoctrinated to rely on automobiles and therefore are reliably slave to the fossil fuel industry. The same industry that has seldom missed a record profit year, drains the world of vitality, and laughs all the way to the bank.

Gas is now as expensive as it has ever been and the meteoric rise shows zero signs of stopping. As a matter of fact for context, it has raised an entire dollar in a month to an eye-watering average hovering around 5.00. Locally it is 5.25 on average. This has moved from being something of a moderate annoyance to life-altering insanity. I have relatively low consumption needs for fuel so I am not feeling this one too acutely but it is a sign of a larger problem.

A wave that has been fast rising since 2020 still has yet to crest. When this wave in particular crashes, the drownings will be immeasurable. If I sound like an alarmist, it is because there is one within me that is screaming to be heard. The signs are everywhere that we are in the midst of a financial disaster in the making:

– The housing boom made affordable housing nigh impossible and essentially out of reach for a huge swath of the population.
– Inflation has hit every single thing now and the pain and suffering is real. Regular people are now choosing between whether or not they are eating or waiting for things to improve. (This is fucking insane in our country.)
– The aforementioned average, real world cost of fuel is staggering.
– Student loans taken out to perpetuate the old bait and switch American Dream are about to be a source of incredible suffering for millions.

We are still being told all of the same old fictions that everything will be fine because our economy is based on sound foundations. Cool story. What happens when the foundations fail? A shit load of people get crushed to death by the faulty structure they built their lives upon.

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