Months of wandering wonder.

2022 started with a hefty dose of tragedy in February with the passing of my father. Ever since then I have been completely occupied cleaning up and closing down a business that I have been a part of since I left high school over 20 years ago.

Now that much of that work has been done, I’ve been allowing my inner creative to come out. There really is no time like the present to evaluate what I really want from life. What I learned from my recently past life is that I don’t have to compromise on what I want. What I couldn’t get from that life was a real sense of satisfaction and purpose. Now I will not settle until I get both of those things.

Evaluating who I am and want to be tells me there is incredible head room from where I currently stand as a person. All of these trains of thoughts come here to find rails. If they go rogue and fly off the rails, then it hurts nothing, it’s implied in the title.

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