Abundances among absences.

Relationships have taken center stage in my life, chief among them my closest family and friends. Death makes priorities abundantly clear and I have never felt clearer on my motivations surrounding the people that I love.

It is an absolute priority for me to be of service to these humans in the ways that they need me. There is truly no better use of my time and in my estimation, anyone’s time, than to serve loved ones. The number of these people in my life is relatively low. This makes the proposition a true no-brainer!

It has been in keeping with who I am and have always been to keep this number low. I would prefer a few life long friends over a huge circle of acquaintances and the few I have chosen are exactly the same way.

I confess that almost everyone in the circle is firmly in my own echo chamber. We share worlds of common ground ideologically speaking. Fundamentally we are kin. That makes the service to one another as natural as though we were blood relatives. It is one area of life where I am almost embarrassed by my abundance. My luck is truly immeasurable to know these people.

This gives me pause to reflect on what life would be like should they all be taken away through some unforeseen circumstances. *poof* they’re all gone. Then comes the doubts that I would ever happen to run into these kinds of people again organically. It instantly makes me appreciative that I have all of them. It is at this moment I will give my time to them to remind them. Nothing is more important.

When absence is a possibility, we must address our abundances and give them proper thanks.

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